Coming Together

Posted by RWhiteAuthor

Good afternoon my fellow authors. As you can see we have finally got some things rolling on our website. You will notice new things on a weekly basis. My recommendation to you all is to register, share, and sign up for our newsletter and updates, as announcements will be coming very soon about our panels, and submissions for covers.

We look forward to the upcoming weeks, as we introduce some lovely content for WRYCON, and especially looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at WRYCON in November.


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Be sure to register before Feb 1, 2021, to take part in WRYCON’s special events for pre-registration! With two events per month, starting in August, you’ll get a sneak preview of some of our authors, our artists, our performers, all with the unique one-on-one style which has made WRYCON the Mother of All Conventions!

Check out our sidebar or main menu for the registration form today!

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June 24 @ 3 pm – June 28  @ 1 pm

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Register for WRYCON Today

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