Science Fiction

Welcome to the World of Science Fiction!

From ray guns to long, energy-based swords completely un-related to the lightsaber,  from HyperDrive to Cryosleep, from mad androids to petulant robots, WRYCON’s Science Fiction stream has it all.

Meet authors of much loved cult classics and new, edgy and mind-bending stories;

Chat with all your favorite ‘Characters from Tomorrow-Today’ in real-time interviews during the convention;

Discuss the ins and outs of the Laws of The Universes with authors and devoted fans;

and more!

Be ready for new book releases in your favorite sci-fi series as well as some mind-bending art, drama and writing.

Contact us at to get tickets for the events listed on our Sci-Fi Calendar, or to register as a Sci-Fi ambassador today.  Please be sure to include SCIFI in the Subject line.

With forums hosted by award winning science fiction author Anthony Stark and special guests from throughout the Canadian Science Fiction world, be sure you register today for your seat at the hover-table!