A Few Words from Our Founders

In their own words, learn about the reasons these four authors came together to make the force, the legend, the sensation known as WRYCON:

Richard White, Author and Vlog Personality

Over the past few years a handful of authors have taken part in an annual cyber convention. Sometimes doors have closed, yet left the door unlocked for new opportunites to spread. It is my honor to announce a new convention, and a place for authors, readers and people of the business can all connect. A few of the authors from these conventions sat down and drew a blueprint for something new, innovative and electrifying. With that blueprint Wrycon (Writer Cyber Convention) was born. Not only will we have a convention based in regions I.E. Canada, United States and the United Kingdom we will also be launching a social media network to connect those authors, readers, agents, publishers, artists and author meduiums year round. For three straight days you will be able to feature your books, writing, book cover art, and anything writing with hundreds of authors and readers. Wrycon will consist of some online panels, three days of live coverage from various writing networks, and affiliates, and counterparts. We will host some events of the old, but with new innovation, and bring your books to the forefront of the indie scene.

Mark your calendars for Wrycons first annual convention to take place all over the world wide web at its home portal wrycon.org November 13th,14th,and 15th. We will also be hosting regional panels located at wrycon.caWrycon.net, and Wrycon.uk. and linking you to our social media platform built on mighty networks. Catch our live feed from the entire weekend on Wrycon.live, and special episodes over the coming months on Wrycon.tv. with this many online portals, the opportunites to reach new readers and entice old ones is endless. It is our hope as you join us on Wrycon that you will find some very special people to continue networking with for the ages. Events will be listed at a later date, but a little taste of what is to come. We will be adding character interviews in which the author will portray his/her character in an exclusive interview with readers and fans, Author/reader interviews where the reader gets to ask the author questions on live video conference. A revamped cover wars, and author platform with featured content on our website, and blog hops. The list goes on as we prepare for November keep checking in with us for new and updated information.

If interested in registering for Wrycon visit our website Wrycon.ca for applications, details and deadlines. be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on changes and additions to Wrycons action packed weekend.



Virginia Carraway Stark, author, actress and personality



Timothy Bateson, author and marketing specialist

I’ve been part of the online reader & author conventions for five years now. First with B2BCyCon and then the OWSCycon, I’ve was honored to move from just taking part in the events to being part of the management team behind the scenes.
So when I heard that Wrycon was being planned, I jumped at the chance to be part of the experience. As an author, reader, and book blogger, I know that books bring people together in some unexpected ways.
I’m excited to be part of the Wrycon team, and can’t wait to see what we can achieve between us. So come join us for Wrycon, for opportunities to meet fellow readers, authors and more…

Anthony Stark

Author, Chaotic Good Bureaucrat, and Publisher of StarkLight Press

I love the idea of author-controlled content.

This is the principle behind StarkLight Press, the second largest publisher in Western Canada- leave the rights with the authors, provide a supportive and nurturing environment, and assist the authors to do what they do best, which is speak about their own works.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Much the same as WRYCON. What started as a madcap, intoxicating online convention has now become a juggernaut of grass-roots, content-based, author-driven and fan-delighting convention-rama.

At StarkLight Press, we believe in the following three principles:

1) Tell a good, original story.

2) Tell a truthful story, with true characters and true content (what is factual in this tiny, sad little dimension is not our definition of true- what stirs the heart and animates the spirit and delights the mind is true, however)

3) Publish stories that inspire thought, content and commentary about the story.

I cannot think of a better platform in which to accomplish these three principles than the three days and nights of WRYCON. There are few better ways to get authors inspired for the next part of their creative journeys and to get readers excited to read more than to bring them all together in one effervescent roundup of events, conversation, friendship and fun. I look forward to all aspects of WRYCON- from the elite and coveted BOFA Awards ceremonies to the tweaked all-night jam at Joe’s Bar, from the earnest and enlightening videoed character interviews to author readings, from cosplay awards and fan-flash-fiction to the inspiring poetry written off the cuff at WRYCON.

There’s something for everyone who likes creative, original thought at WRYCON. There’s something for you, too.

StarkLight Press. Black. White. Read All Over.
Ground out the noise of inferior media with StarkLight Press!



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